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Rubber-Gloved ‘Prostate Czech’ Asks Hockey Players About Prostate Exams (Video)

Hilarious, yet strange. Very, very strange. While the above “Episode 1” featuring Branko, a/k/a “The Prostate Czech,” a tracksuit-wearing Eastern European guy who straps on a rubber glove and approaches men to ask them if they would like a prostate exam only features a couple of hockey players and Branko’s interactions with them, the subsequent “Episode 2” (which can be viewed here) features several hockey players and explores The Prostate Czech’s quest to ensure men are getting their prostates checked. His motto: “A man. A cause. A finger.” Yikes.

It’s quite a bizarre public awareness campaign, but I guess it could be seen as effective way to motivate men to get prostate exams. Just as long as Branko isn’t the one delivering it. That would be profoundly awkward. Clive Clemmons would likely call it “Inappropriate,” especially in light of the goings-on regarding a certain big-time college football program. But really, there is no need at all to relate the two.

(Note: I first saw the commercial while watching the Minnesota Wild-San Jose Sharks game, so I guess that makes it somewhat sports-related. Also it ties in well with the many NHL players’ involvement with the Movember campaign, so there you go)