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(Photo) Wes Welker Plans Party, Specifically Requests ‘Little People’ For Wait Staff

It’s amusing, you see, because the New England Patriots wide receiver is on the shorter side himself, coming in at a spry 5’9″. Can somebody say, “Napoleon Complex”? No really, can somebody say it for me? I haven’t been able to properly enunciate “x’s” since the “incident.” I’ll leave it at that.

Apparently, the little shindig Welker was throwing for family and friends was prior to the start of the season and Welker made the unique request as he was planning the event. Take it away, TMZ:

Still, sources connected to Welker tell TMZ … when the New England Patriots stud was putting together a party back in September, he contacted the service company and asked to have a couple of little people on the wait staff.

The company delivered — and we’re told Welker was super happy with the service. One source who attended the party tells us Welker was “really nice” to everyone … and probably got a kick out of not being the shortest guy in the room.

Ha! And how, TMZ. Shortest guy in the room. No word on whether Welker ordered the diminutive wait staff to perform a rendition of the “Lollipop Guild” song from The Wizard of Oz. Because that would have been a hoot. Especially if Welker would have joined in.

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