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Michael Jackson Makes Appearance In Taiwanese Animation Treatment Of Joe Paterno’s Firing


Via NMA World Edition:

Famed Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno has been fired as a shocking abuse scandal tears through the campus.

The pressure was on Paterno since the arrest of Athletic Director Tim Curley and another administrator, Gary Schultz. They are charged with lying to a grand jury and failing to report claims that a former football coordinator abused several young boys. Paterno also knew of the activity, but wasn’t charged with a crime.

At the center of the scandal is Jerry Sandusky, 67, who is facing 40 counts of various forms of abuse. Prosecutors say he was involved with eight boys between 1994 and 2009. Some sources claim there may be as many as 17 victims. Sandusky allegedly met his victims through his own youth charity, The Second Mile.

Curley and Schultz were made aware of the abuses in 2002 when they met with then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary, who reported seeing Sandusky with a 10-year-old boy in a school shower. Other incidents allegedly took place at Sandusky’s home and at a high school. One boy claimed Sandusky plied him with lavish gifts and marijuana.

The two administrators each posted $75,000 bail. Penn State is paying their legal fees, citing the charges have to do with how they performed their jobs. Sandusky was released on $100,000 bail.

Holy crap, they really outdid themselves with this one. Obviously, it should come as no surprise that the folks at NMA World Edition elected to take on the news that Joe Paterno was fired as Penn State coach on Wednesday night, but this animated report far exceeds many of the previous ones they have done, in both scope and bizarre imagery.

For instance, as mentioned above, Michael Jackson makes a cameo at the end of the report immediately following a scene where Paterno is characterized as a Pope-like figurehead. Then you have Jerry Sandusky as a drooling, predating cretin throwing passes to children on the football field who then morphs into a tiger — a tiger that is later seen pinning a zebra against a wall in the shower, which evidently is the most tasteful way in which to depict Sandusky’s alleged sick, twisted and disgusting behavior via Taiwanese animation. Weird. Make that beyond weird. And disturbing, yet not as disturbing as the real story, which in itself is a tremendously sad realization.