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Crikey! John Daly Is Not Welcome Back In Australia (At Least To Golf)

He’s banned?

He’s banned.

But what is he going to do for vegemite sandwiches?

Trevor Herden (not to be confused with Tyler Durden), the director of tournaments for Golf Australia has decreed that John Daly is not welcome at the Australian PGA Championship in two weeks, or any time after, for that matter, after the golfer’s conduct Thursday at the Australian Open when Daly deposited seven balls into the drink on the 11th hole before storming off the course in a huff after running out of balls and quitting the tournament.

Via USA Today:

Golf Australia’s director of tournaments, Trevor Herden, called him “unprofessional” and said while the Australian Open loves to have major champions in the field, “I would say this is the last time we will see John Daly.”

Careful what you wish for, mate. Actually, in recent years, Daly has transitioned from a train wreck/circus sideshow into something more akin to that runaway train in that Denzel Washington movie. You know, Remember the Titans. Or was it Philadelphia? Either way, losing Daly at this stage in the game is hardly going to damage the integrity, prestige or competitiveness of a tournament.

In any event, what’s done is done and Daly likely burned a few bridges with his behavior. No matter. If you ask me, my guess is Daly’s reaction to Herden’s comments would be similar to the thoughts of one Bart Simpson regarding the Aussies in the episode, Bart vs. Australia:

But for the love of all that is decent, John, just say it. No need to moon them.

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