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Could This Be The Philadelphia Flyers Winter Classic Jersey?

An intrepid tipster alerted the always-excellent Puck Daddy to this eBay listing which purports that the above jersey is what the Philadelphia Flyers will don for the 2012 Winter Classic on Jan. 2. when they take on the New York Rangers at Citizens Bank Park. The description of the intriguing item:

  • Brand New with Tags
  • 2012 Winter Classic
  • January 2, 2012
  • Philadelphia Flyers Semi Pro Jersey
  • Players will be wearing this style of Jersey during the outdoor game.
  • Laces are the neckline
  • Logo is made of Felt wool
  • CCM Style Jersey and not like the Reebok Premier Jersey
  • Made by Reebok
  • Everything on the jersey is stitched on

Now, Wysh over at PD is far more knowledgeable regarding all things NHL-related, so I trust his judgment when he writes, after noting many interesting aspects of the jersey, including the writing on the inside of the collar, that if this jersey isn’t the real deal, ” it’s a damn good one.”

But really, in this crazy world, what is really real and what isn’t? I don’t know. I do know, however, that there are two of these bad boys available, and if they are legit, the person selling them could bring in far more than then $150 Canadian “Buy it Now” price.