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What Does This Video Of LeBron And Durant Working Out Have To Do With Penn State?

To answer the question posed in the above title quickly and clearly: absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

I know it might come as a surprise to many of you, but the Sportress of Blogitude is geared more to be something of a sports humor sight — I know, shocking — and as alluded to and explained quite well by Burnsy over at With Leather, there isn’t really any way to go about trying to be funny or cracking wise about the horrible situation currently occurring at Penn State.

So, if you would like to avoid the sordid details and disgusting developments coming out of Happy Valley, you’re more than welcome to visit the Sportress and I will try my best to entertain, perhaps even amuse. Because as far as the Penn State scandal goes, I ain’t touching that hot mess with a 10-foot pole. At least within the scope of what attempt to accomplish inside the cozy confines of the Sportress.

And one last thought: the above video featuring LeBron James and Kevin Durant working out at the University of Akron? Yeah, that only serves to remind us that the NBA lockout is still on, too. Yippee.