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This ‘Brock Lesnar-Meets-Duck Hunt’ Video Mashup Is Certifiably Quacky

I am probably aging myself a bit here, but I remember the Christmas morning when I opened up my Nintendo Entertainment System. And if you had the complete NES package, as I did, you not only got the console, you also were supplied with the R.O.B. the Robot (which I loved — I mean, Gyromite? — forget about it)  and the NES Zapper, which came with the most mind-blowing game of the time, Duck Hunt. In that day and age, the thought that you could point something at your television and what you did affected how well you played was state-of-the-freaking-art.

Which is probably why I particularly enjoyed this Brock Lesnar/Duck Hunt mashup more than the average person. Interspersing footage of Lesnar hunting with great quotes from the hulking brute while placing him within the game is beyond a hoot — or more fittingly, a quack — for me.

And all credit goes to the creator of this video.  If you can turn a life-threatening case of diverticulitis into something humorous while incorporating a decades-old video game, well, good sir, you have stumbled upon a recipe for success. At least in my aged point of view.

Now get out of my romper room. I have a game of Stack-Up to play. Darn kids.

[H/T The Big Lead]