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(Photos) Twins OF Ben Revere Might Be A Bad Golfer, But His Outfit Is Worse

What the holy heck? Sure, Minnesota Twins outfielder Ben Revere may delight us with his slick fielding skills, as evidenced on more than one occasion during last season, and the feats of athleticism he displayed out in the field don’t even take into account his hilarious somersaulting triple, either. But even with those impressive skills in mind, I believe it goes without saying when looking upon his golf form and technique, that those attributes do not translate to the course. Ouch. Look at that.

To be fair, Revere, appears to be clowning a bit, especially in light of the tweet accompanying the above photo: “Is it better then Charles Barkley?” But there is no excuse whatsoever for the outrageous outfit he is seen sporting at the driving range on this particular day, which appears to have occurred on Tuesday. What is up with those socks? I do not have the foggiest idea what look he was trying to pull off here. Awkward, Uncoordinated Catholic School Girl, maybe?

[H/T RandBall]