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Jay Cutler Exhibiting Signs Of A Sense Of Humor? Unpossible!

Consider my mind blowed. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the Bears quarterback’s icy facade briefly melted but for a moment and he actually cracked a smile during his weekly media session at Halas Hall on Wednesday. The reason? Talk of his supposed sweet buttocks region.

You may recall I briefly touched upon the tweet from Cutler’s special lady friend (are they dating again? I don’t know) Kristin Cavallari from Monday when she proclaimed that Cutler has the “best butt in football.” Of course, because reporters are like a bunch of giggling teenage girls and had no choice but to address it, Cutler was asked about the tweet praising his alleged primo posterior. Cutler, flashing a grin, said, “According to one person. I guess she’s biased.”

What a cad this Cutler is! Jeez, this guy. I guess everyone has a funny bone. Only in Cutler’s case, it’s in his butt.

Cutler up front regarding his rear [Chicago Tribune]