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Vikings Fan’s Video Details Depressing, Dire Future Should Team Not Get New Stadium

All I can say is, “Ouch.” That is indeed a frightening scenario. If there is one thing that will chill any Vikings fan to the bone, it would most certainly be having to jump ship and pledge their allegiance to the Green Bay Packers franchise, which would be the most geographically logical team to follow if the Minnesota state legislature flubs it up and fails to get a stadium deal accomplished post haste and the franchise has no choice but to leave town for sunnier climes, both in weather-related and business-wise¬† terms.

I mean, strapping on a foam cheesehead and singing, “Go Pack Go!”? Cripes. All of a sudden I don’t feel so well.

Don’t allow this cruel fate to play out, Minnesota legislators. The blood will be on your hands.

[H/T Daily Norseman]