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Take That, MJ! Wizards Player Nick Young Won’t Wear Jordans Anymore

In a tweet Sunday, Washington Wizards guard/forward Nick Young vowed to never lace up a pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes ever again after the Charlotte Bobcats owner took a hardline stance against the players during lockout negotiations. Ouch.

How will Nike ever recover from this relatively meaningless dose of comeuppance? I suppose Young should be admired for taking a stand, but then again, it’s Nick Young. Granted, I’m not the biggest NBA fan, but when I case across the headline, “Nick Young Swears Off Jordan Brand Products” I went, “Who now?” I mean, had it been a tweet from Neil Young or Neil Diamond or ever Nick Nolte, I might have taken the line in the sand Young has drawn more seriously.

But to his credit, Young isn’t backing off from his threat. Actually, he points out that he didn’t even delete the tweet, which in this day and age when people go off half-cocked on Twitter than instantly delete the tweet or claim their account was hacked, means something. I guess.