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(Video) Magic Johnson, Dan Gilbert Team Up For Commercial, Awkwardness Ensues

Oh man, that’s beyond awkward. And what kind of person would I be if I did not pass it along to you, my dear readers? A person who doesn’t take advantage of an easy setup for a post, that’s the kind of person.

Anyhoo, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert somehow hoodwinked Magic Johnson into taking part in a commercial for Quicken Loans (the company where Gilbert earned his fortune) which details some kind of promotion where if person contacts Quicken Loans for a free home loan review, the company will reward them with a free Android smart phone. That’s when the commercial takes a ridiculous turn.

Evidently unaware of the many options for shipping in this country, the guys are presented with a conundrum: how to deliver the phones. After saying it’s going to take some “magic” to get the phones out to all their customers coast to coast, Magic Johnson emerges, tells them he’s on it. Magic then proceeds to take sky hooks and jump shots with the smart phones from the top of a building where they land in the hands of people who presumably contacted Quicken Loans for a home loan review. The best part is when one of Magic’s shots delivers a smart phone to a girl in Alaska, there’s a polar bear standing right next to her. I guess the rumors about the wild Alaskan frontier are true.

Straight cheese. And the omission of a well-executed reference to the comic sans font was a bit of a letdown.

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