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(Video) Australian Hockey Team Does Horrible ‘Thriller’ Routine During Warmups

Crikey, that wasn’t very good. Leave to the kids from the Land Down Under. Things just haven’t been the same down there since Michael Hutchence died. But that’s another story altogether.

In any event, the homage to the King of Pop was incapably performed by players from New South Wales Ice Hockey and taking my skating ability into account, I guess I should give them a modicum of credit: crap, I can barely stand up on skates without my ankles buckling. I guess what I’m getting at is when me and my buddies get together for a choreographed performance of “Thriller,” we usually forgo the skates, hop on our unicycles and let the groove work its magic. Yeah, that’s right: I am a proud member of a unicycle gang. We call ourselves “The Unibombers.” And when were not causing trouble for the establishment, we like to dance.

[H/T Puck Daddy]