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Shocking News: LSU Coach Les Miles Implicated In Grass-Selling Operation

Of course, said grass Les Miles is peddling is Louisiana-grown turf grass, not, you know, the other stuff. But could you imagine if something like that would have come to light immediately preceding LSU’s big showdown with Alabama on Saturday? Talk about crazy. Although if were a betting man — which I’m not — I would have put my money on the fact that the accusations were not true and instead it was entirely the acts of Nick Saban and some kind of twisted, sinister smear campaign. Because that’s how Saban rolls. Win at all costs, baby.

Note: Obviously, the entire campaign is based upon Miles’ appearance in a ESPN College Gameday commercial which itself was based upon Les Miles once actually eating grass. What a kook, that guy.

[H/T Clay Travis via SB Nation]