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(Photos) LeBron James’ Christmas Shoes, Not Shockingly, Are Quite Christmassy

See, because they come in the traditional colors of Christmas…

Red and green. The latest version of Nike’s LeBron Christmas-themed shoe are especially neat this year because they will be about as close anyone is likely to to get to NBA basketball on Christmas. Unless you find an officially-licensed NBA basketball under your Christmas tree. Or some other NBA-type gift. Like an NBA video game or some such stuff. Maybe an NBA player living in your town might need a place to crash on Christmas Eve because they have no money, are hungry and gave away all their packages of Ramen to trick or treaters on Halloween. Hey, it could happen. Unlikely, but you never know.

I guess what I’m getting at is there isn’t going to be any NBA games played on Christmas. I’d say “Bah, humbug” to that little fact, but to be honest, I couldn’t really give a rip. Bah, humbug, indeed.

[via The Basketball Jones]