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Like Many Olympic Mascots, The One For The Winter Youth Olympics Is Disturbing

Move aside, Wenlock and Mandeville, YOGGL is here to replace you in our Olympic mascot-related nightmares.

What exactly is YOGGL, you say? Glad you asked. He is the official mascot of the first-ever Winter Youth Games which will take place this coming January in Innsbruck, Austria. Here is what else I discovered about YOGGL after a lazy internet search:

YOGGL is an Alpine chamois who lives at moderately high altitudes in the steep, rugged and rocky Karwendel Mountains between Innsbruck and Seefeld.  His name “YOGGL” (pronounced just like in YOG) is based on the rustic nickname “Joggl” for Jakob, which is a traditional and very common Tyrolean name, adjusted with a “Y” at the beginning. The name contains the abbreviation “YOG”, making the mascot part of the Youth Olympic Games.  He symbolises life in Alpine regions and will raise awareness of respect for nature and our natural resources, like all the “Mountain Joggls” do.

Ah yes, there is nothing like the dogged determination of all “Mountain Joggls” in raising awareness and respect for nature and our natural resources. The most troubling aspect of that previous statement is that it insinuates there is more than one of these things. Jinkies.

Although I cannot say which part of Yoggl I find most disturbing: the bugged-out, intense and disturbing eyes or the technicolor qualities of what appears to be a pants/scarf combo. Maybe his eyes got like that from looking at his own outfit. Hard to say.

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