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Brian Wilson Photographed Wearing A Big Lebowski Shirt (Of Course He Was)

Why am I not surprised that Brian Wilson was spotted sporting a t-shirt featuring cult classic icon Jeffrey Lebowski? Because that’s how he rolls. Rolls. Get it? Yeah, that was stupid.

But really, does it really shock anyone that the Great Bearded Closer Guy would make his way about town wearing such a shirt? It goes perfectly with his entire persona. A square peg refusing to be hammered into a round whole, an outcast, a guy who plays by his own rules; a loner, Dottie, a rebel, if you will. The only problem is we should expect more out of Brian Wilson. The guy’s a trailblazer, correct? A misfit who won’t bow to society’s conventions… unless it involves successfully marketing the oddball persona he so carefully cultivates. I suppose what I am getting at is: isn’t The Big Lebowski a bit played out at this point? I’m not implying it’s not a brilliant film — I still will watch it from time to time — but such outward displays referencing the flick? So…played. But hey, I do dig his crazy socks.

My thought is Brian Wilson should spend the offseason coming up with a new persona, a new schtick. Come back in spring training a changed man. Instead of crazy-bearded wild man, how about closely-cropped goody two-shoes? A straight-laced everyman who hones his craft and doesn’t make waves or attract attention to himself. Now that would be Wilson’s finest performance yet. Except for maybe that Taco Bell commercial. Now that is funny stuff. FACT.

[image via the trogloytic photogs at TMZ]