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49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Loves His Players, Might Be Mentally Unbalanced

Like a whirling dervish, Jim Harbaugh has unleashed his passion for the game of football on his players and has undoubtedly immediately changed the culture of the entire San Francisco 49ers organization. One need look no further than his frenetic, slap-happy, midfield interaction with Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz a few weeks ago to illustrate his intensity for the game.

Well, Harbaugh has one-upped himself with something he said recently regarding a particular play (see here) made by 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks last Sunday when Brooks, despite losing his helmet, nevertheless maintained his relentless pursuit of Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. His sticktoitiveness (my favorite non-word) resulted in a fumble-causing sack, not to mention a slightly-bloodied face, something which obviously impressed Harbaugh, in light of what he said he wished Brooks had done after coming to the sideline (via Shutdown Corner):

“Loved it, loved it,” Harbaugh told reporters of Brooks’ play. “Wish he could have come and wiped some of [his blood] on my cheek.”

Ohhhh-kay then. Now, it’s his life and and he can live it the way he wants, and if having one of his players smear blood on his face in some kind of team-building, war paint-styled, pseduo-blood covenant, well, Harbaugh can go right ahead and do that. I guess you can’t argue with the results elicited thus far courtesy of his slightly off-kilter antics.

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