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(Video) UFOs Spotted Flying Above Arizona High School Football Game

The Truth Is Out There. And apparently, the truth is located hovering high above a high school football game being played a mere 425 miles away from Roswell, NM, where any Ufologist worth his weight in conspiracy theories knows is the epicenter of the UFO phenomenon in these United States.

As you can see, there appears to be approximately four orangish, brightly-colored orbs moving to and fro seen in the video which was recorded during a game played between Horizon (Scottsdale, Ariz.) and Notre Dame Prep (Scottsdale, Ariz.) last Friday, Oct. 28. The video is short, but one cannot deny that there was something up in the sky that night, although the source of the suspicious sighting is surely subject to interpretation.

One such person who has gone on record is Horizon head coach Steve Casey, who quickly dismissed the phenomena as something other than an extraterrestrial visit from above (via MaxPreps):

“I did see it during the game,” he said. “I said to one of my assistant coaches that the aliens came to watch us play.”

Casey said that four or five lights appeared over the southeast part of the stadium. He then saw one disappear.

However, Casey has chalked it up as some sort of prank.

“I don’t believe in extraterrestrial stuff,” he said. “So I took it as a joke.”

That’s what They want you to believe, Coach Steve Casey. It was all an elaborate hoax whose sole purpose is to hype up the UFO Phenomenon in order to sell books, lame-brained tours of suspected extraterrestrial sighting locales, assorted memorabilia and tickets to Will Smith movies.

But believe you me, true believers: The Truth Is Out There. And how about the fact that one of the schools who played in the game is named Notre Dame? Isn’t that quite the coincidence, in light of the fact that there was another suspected UFO sighting spotted above Notre Dame Stadium during a weather delay at a Fighting Irish game less than two months ago?

(cue The X-Files theme music)

I Want To Believe.

[video courtesy of Sports Grid]