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(Video) Our Nation’s Sporting Events Are Being Besieged By Football-Loving Aliens

Be afraid, humans. Be very afraid, indeed.

Just earlier today, the Sportress reported on the strange goings-on at a high school football game in Arizona involving possible UFOs, now it appears that a completely different Alien Life Form (although not in POG form) was spotted during the Sunday Night Football matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts on Oct. 23.

Now, the nattering nabobs of negativity are already coming out in droves in their quest to dispel yet another UFO sighting, arguing that the streaks of light going from right to left in the video are likely nothing more than an insect passing close by the camera lens, but do not believe them. They are pawns in a global game of thought control and mind manipulation. As I mentioned in the post regarding the Arizona high school football game, that is what They want you to think. Do not surrender. Believe, and do not be afraid what people might think of you. Because before you know it, you’ll be the one abducted, finding yourself on a table in a strange place you do not recognize.

No, not inside a spaceship getting prepped for an awfully-intrusive examination by inquisitive visitors from other worlds. Nope, you’ll instead be in the observation room at your friendly neighborhood mental hospital. Duh.

[H/T Shutdown Corner]