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Breaking News: Albert Pujols To Remain Permanently In St. Louis

Exciting stuff, no? Unfortunately, this story has nothing to do with the St. Louis slugger’s looming foray into free agency and whether or not he will remain a Cardinal. Nope, instead this has all to do with the unveiling of a 10-foot, 1,100 pound bronze statue outside his Pujols 5 restaurant which is located at West Port Plaza in St. Louis.

While Pujlos did speak briefly, he did not address what his plans are going forward as he embarks on what will likely be one of the most eagerly-anticipated free agency frenzies ever seen in Major League Baseball. But he did have one interesting quote regarding the pose his statue — which was commissioned by an anonymous donor and was created by the same sculptor who did the 10 player statues outside Busch Stadium — is taking (via

Pujols told the crowd, 20-people deep in places,┬áthat he points “to remind me it’s not about me. It’s about Jesus Christ.”

Fair enough. And while that may be true that he is showing proper reverence to Jesus when the real Albert Pujols makes that gesture — and I must stress that I am no learned theologian — isn’t there something in the Ten Commandments regarding forming false idols or making graven images or some such thing? Methinks Jesus might be alright with it, but not the Old Testament God, for he is a jealous God, Al. Just saying*.

* I’m actually not “just saying.” I am actually kidding, so I expect to hear no back talk from overly-sensitive zealots who don’t get the joke.

Albert Pujols statue unveiled at West Port Plaza []