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(Videos) Patrick Kane, Tim Thomas Latest Victims Of ‘Peggy’ From USA Prime Credit

GAH! Now that inept Peggy is messing with our NHL stars? First it was the Keeper of the Cup Guy, now he is tormenting Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas and frustrating Chicago Blackhawks right winger Patrick Kane. This Peggy guy sure has some nerve, but I suppose it’s easy thing to carelessly befuddle NHL players when one is hiding out in some frozen Eastern European wasteland.

For the uninitiated, “Peggy” is an atrocious employee for USA Prime Credit who ineptly provides useless customer service to holders of USA Prime Credit credit cards, much to the cardholders’ exasperation, but since he does it in a Yakov Smirnoff-esque accent, we find it charming and humorous. Or at least we are supposed to. Oh, and I guess it is supposed to make viewers want to apply for a Discover card, but who is going to do something as ridiculous as that? Ha! In any event, the ads are subtly humorous and far better than many commercials that are pounded into our brains ad nauseum.

First up (above) is Tim Thomas’ entry into the NHL-Discover partnership. Unfortunately for Tim, he’s in “a Boston cab” and is having a little problem with his card. Peggy’s help, of course, is worthless and the female cabbie, despite having an unnatural, ustful attraction to the Boston Bruins goaltender, does not recognize him. Gross.

Up next, Patrick Kane’s interactions with Peggy.

In this one, Peggy actually recognizes Kane’s name and seeks his advice on how to score from the left side, advice which Peggy promptly uses to score on a tabletop hockey game.

All in all, not bad commercials. And it’s nice to see the NHL get some love from some major advertising entities. If only for their next big deal, the ad wizards at the NHL figure out a way to sign on with Progressive so that in an upcoming commercial, some random NHL goon could viciously body check that Flo broad straight through a wall at the Progressive Store, thus putting an end to that tired ad campaign and all us out our misery.

[H/T Puck Daddy]