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(Photo) Pats WR Julian Edelman’s Mug Shot Is Not Pretty

Yamma hamma, get that guy a 50-gallon drum of Visine, stat!

Okay, attempts at humor are probably not apropos at this time, as this story is no laughing matter. But goodness gracious, get a look at his eyes. Whew.

By referring to New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman’s mug shot as not pretty, I mean to imply that he looks completely miserable, which I suppose should come as no surprise given he was arrested and charged with one count of indecent assault and battery after he allegedly groped a woman at a Boston nightclub late into the Halloween evening prior to the mug shot having been taken. Not that any time a person is having a mug shot taken of them should it be considered a good good thing — obviously — but Edelman’s mug shot certainly ranks up there as one of the worst within the voluminous sampling which comprises the extensive gallery of professional athlete mug shots.

With that in mind and given the tawdry details of the charges, one has to suspect that Edelman wishes he had just gone home long before he got all grabby during his Halloween hellraising. Understatement of the day right there.

But if you are beginning to feel sorry for Edelman, do not fret: he felt well enough while leaving Boston Municipal Court this morning to sign the helmet offered up by one idiot New England Patriots fan:


Jesus, a time and a place, people. What could either of them — both the autograph hound and Edelman — have been possibly thinking? Oh yeah, they weren’t. Dolts.

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman charged with indecent assault on woman []