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Chinese Newspaper Official Refers To David Stern As ‘King Of Demons’ In Article

Apparently, the Chinese — or more accurately, Guan Weijia, the vice director of the basketball department at Titan Sports, China’s premiere sports newspaper — are taking this NBA lockout stuff prettay prettay seriously. At least that’s what can be surmised from his comments Guan Weijia wrote for the Beijing News on Oct. 24 about the lockout entitled, “Everybody is a demon.” Here’s a sampling, courtesy of an enlightening and in-depth Bloomberg News report (via Game On!):

In it, he said that NBA Commissioner David Stern was “the demon of all demons and he is Satan who is the King of demons in this labor dispute.”

 Jeez, tell us how you really feel, guy. And if you think Weijia is taking the players’ side in the NBA labor dispute, think again. Here’s what he wrote about Billy Hunter, executive director of the player’s union:

He is the spokesman of the employees, but he can’t work out a shrewd strategy … [he] has already prepared for surrender and the purpose of his of existence is to be played and “slaughtered” by Stern.

Yikes, such violent, borderline psychotic imagery. My guess is if Weijia had his druthers, he would banish both Stern and Hunter to the Land of Wind and Ghosts. And yes, I am well aware the Mr. Sparkle was a Japanese product — not Chinese — so spare me your complaints. 

Lastly, if this story doesn’t scream Taiwanese Animation Treatment, well, uh, it at least mildly suggests it.

Basketball-Crazy China Sees Opportunity in NBA Lockout: Adam Minter [Bloomberg News (via Game On!)]