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Here’s Video Of All 17 Goals Scored In The Winnipeg-Philly 9-8 Slugfest

Seventeen freaking goals. Wow. In fact, that’s the most goals scored in an NHL game in 15 years. An even more impressive statistical oddity: in the Winnipeg Jets’ 9-8 win over the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night, nine different Jets players scored. Everybody was getting in on the action.

And how about this? Winnipeg had scored only seventeen goals in their first eight games heading into last night’s offensive explosion.

You will see lopsided games in the NHL where a team blasts its opponent for 8-1 or 9-2 victories or something like that, but to have seventeen combined goals? That’s a lot of scoring. I haven’t seen that much scoring since my freshman year in college.

What? I had a part-time job at a caterer and I was in charge of prepping the hams for baking. Jeez, you guys are pervs.