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Detroit Free Press Allows You To Build Your Own ‘Desktop Ndamukung Suh’

If you are like most cubicle denizens, the surface of your desktop workspace is littered with stacks of work you’re behind on, fast food wrappers and depressing evidence of your broken dreams and career aspirations. How about you turn it all around by spiffing up your desk with your very own paper doll of dominating Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh? Now that is a great idea. And you can thank the Detroit Free Press for your workspace image makeover. And in case you have forgotten, this isn’t the first time the Detroit newspaper has entered the paper product-based “Gotta Support The Team” fray: earlier this month, they provided the goods so fans could make Detroit Tigers paper masks. Awesome.

But what makes Desktop Ndamukong Suh even cooler is it is as easy-as-pie to assemble. Simply download this PDF document, print it off on a color printer, grab a pair of scissors and voila! You’re that much closer to further ostracizing your co-workers with your bizarre behavior.

While a pretty neat little decoration, there are a few drawbacks to Desktop Ndamukong Suh: I’ve heard it will take cheap shots at your shoddy work product and will endlessly mock and ridicule you when you don’t attach a cover sheet to your TPS reports.

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