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Wake N’ Blog: Pooper-Scooper Verdict Has Come In And It’s A Load Of Crap

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• Truthfully, the verdict really isn’t a load of crap. I was just too lazy to come up with a wittier headline. The woman was actually found not guilty in the case. Read on:

The Washington Post reported that a jury on Tuesday cleared Kimberly Zakrzewski of allegations she failed to clean up after a dog named Baxter she often walks for a friend. The case began in April when a woman complained that her neighbor, Zakrzewski, failed to remove poop deposited by the fluffy, 19-pound pet.

Zakrzewski said no pooper scooper violation occurred, noting she carries plastic bags on every walk. The newspaper says she had initially been found guilty of a misdemeanor after missing a lower court date, but was allowed this week’s appeal to a circuit court.

Ha. Poop. [azcentral]

• Among the personal effects found among items discovered at Gaddafi’s hideout: a Liverpool FC coffee cup. [Off the Bench]

• Adrian Peterson called Chris Peterson to offer words of encouragement. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Adriana Lima boxing workout photos, anyone? [Busted Coverage]

• Google is in the process of testing out self-driving golf carts. Do they travel 100 yards off the fairway? [Pro Golf Talk]

• Who knew Roger Clemens was a Biggie Smalls fan? Not me. [Rumors & Rants]

• New Cubs head honcho Theo Epstein said he would consider inviting Steve Bartman back into the fold. [Sorry Bro: Sports Through Hauser]

• Want to see a super-fast creation of a painting of former NBAer Bobby Jackson? Thought so. [The Basketball Jones]

• The best alternative to fantasy sports and sports betting. Ever. [Midwest Sports Fans]

• Sex and violence: a Lingerie Football League game came to blows. [With Leather]

• The inner torment of Broncos head coach John Fox. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• In case you forgot, Gus Johnson will be calling college basketball games this season. [Awful Announcing]

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