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(Video) Taiwanese Animation: ‘Is Tim Tebow The Denver Broncos’ Savior?’

Wow. There isn’t much that needs to be added here except to mention that the report opens with an angel-winged Tim Tebow stabbing a dolphin with what appears to be a trident and that when his name is called at the NFL Draft, he descends from the heavens, appearing resplendent with a halo and the aforementioned angel wings.

Despite the fact that should be sufficient enough reason to warrant a viewing, here’s the transcript of NMA World Edition’s report on Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and whether or not he is the savior of his franchise:

Fans rejoiced when the Denver Broncos drafted quarterback Tim Tebow in April 2010. His jersey outsold all others that month.

However, Tebow was benched in favor of Kyle Orton for most of the season and fell to third-string status in 2011.

Fans chanted for Tebow as Orton struggled. Tebow came in midway through a game against the Chargers, but couldn’t complete a comeback.

The next game, Tebow started against the Dolphins and led his team to an overtime victory after trailing by 15 points.

Have the Broncos found their Messiah, or is Tebow just another false football prophet?

Once again, wow. They have really outdone themselves with this installment. Bravo.