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(Photo) Steve Nash, Rocking A Killer Suit, Reunites With Amar’e Stoudemire

Now that, my friends, is one styling suit, not to mention the quite fashionable glimmering gold tie. And the flamboyantly folded purple pocket square? Stunning. Although it almost looks like Steve Nash is sporting Lakers colors. Probably just a coincidence. The fancy duds likely come from the recently debuted Steve Nash Signature Collection, and I have to say I’m quite impressed.

Nash was making a dapper appearance at the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball in NYC on Thursday night. Posing alongside Nash is his former Phoenix Suns teammate, Amar’e Stoudemire, who made a dash to the bright lights of the big city of New York to play for the Knicks last season.

The above photo, via Nash’s Twitter account, had the following message attached:

“Reunited and it feels so GOOD!” me and @Amareisreal. Wattup boy?!

Reunited, indeed. My guess is if Nash had busted into an impromptu version of the Peaches & Herb classic he is referencing while he was on stage at the GQ event, panties would have been tossed up on the stage, a la TomĀ  Jones. Because that’s how Steve Nash: Ladykiller rolls.

It probably should be pointed out thatĀ  not any Canadian NBA superstar could pull off that look. Maybe Rick Fox could have back in his playing days, but I can’t see fellow Canadian Bill Wennington wearing this kind of fashionable forward attire, but then again, that’s what made Bill Wennington Bill Wennington, right?

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