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Blatant Homerism

(Photo) Adrian Peterson Doing His Part To Keep The Cereal Companies In Business

Holy ginormous bowl of cereal, Batman! Much to the amusement of teammate Visanthe Shiancoe (who tweeted the pic), Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is seen here enjoying a massive bowl of post-practice cereal. The only problem that occurred prior to Peterson’s feast was he had Donovan McNabb pour the milk and the dang guy short-hopped the bowl and spilled milk all over the place.

Now, as a big fan of cold cereal myself, I have to question Peterson’s technique. His cereal-to-milk ratio is perfect, as it allows the cereal to flavor the milk but the overall size of the bowl and the sheer volume of the milk is where he goes wrong. No matter how fast he eats it, some of the cereal is going to lose its texture, resulting in a gloopy glop of mush. I would suggest a smaller bowl with frequent refills.

Maybe I’m thinking too much about Peterson’s cereal-eating habits. All I can say is if cereal of choice had been Cocoa Puffs, it would have made it much easier for me to crack an easy joke. Alas, it looks like A.D. is instead eating what appears to be an entire box of Cheerios, which are quite tasty in their own right. I suppose they could be Honey Nut Cheerios. It’s hard to say and not that it matters either way. All I know is General Mills owes Peterson big time.