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(Photo) A Grocery Store’s ‘Rally Squirrel’ On Cake Looks Like A Big Turd

Rally Squirrel Mania has captured the hearts and minds of the residents of St. Louis ever since the little critter made his debut appearances at Busch Stadium during the National League Division Series between the Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies (even becoming the star of an MLB commercial), but this turd-looking confection really takes the cake, and not in the way one likely would prefer their dessert items to take the cake, as it were:

The Rally Squirrel atop what otherwise appears to be a normal-looking cake has the appearance which suggests someone dropped their drawers, took a ginormous dump and plopped their poop right on top. It literally looks like a turd. I have never seen anything like this in my life. How could a baker pull a cake out of the oven, ice the cake, squeeze out some chocolate frosting in the most unappetizing manner and say, “Boy, that looks perfectly edible. Delicious, even. Even better, the red frosting adds a ‘bloody stool’ component to the already-nauseating appearance! Let’s put it out in the bakery and sell it for $4.19!”


[H/T Cake Wrecks (via Big League Stew)]