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(Video) Here’s Two Minutes Of Outtakes From The Upcoming Tim Tebow DVD

See, people? See how he plays around and laughs in these outtakes? His natural, devil angel-may-care attitude clearly illustrates how Tim Tebow is just a regular guy, just like the rest of us! The only difference being he’s an NFL quarterback, worshiped by millions and has a DVD coming out entitled Tim Tebow: Everything In Between. See, if any of us were releasing a DVD, we would at the very least have to change the title and leave out the “Tim Tebow” part of it. And the “Everything in Between” part would likely involve nothing that anybody would find remotely interesting. At least for me.

But other than that, like peas in a pod, us and Tim Tebow. Oh, I guess there might be one more thing that separates us: he feels a lot more blessed than we do and that feeling is felt a lot more often.

Oops. Forgot about one additional difference: there is virtually no chance that Woody Paige or Skip Bayless would ever utilize an outtake video featuring any of us as a means to bring about perverse sexual gratification. That’s a pretty important one, actually.