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(Photo) Renowned ‘Favre Barn’ In Wisconsin No Longer Has Any Reference To The Man

For years, a red barn could be seen rising up from the fields surrounding a stretch of road on Highway 10/45 near Fairmont, Wisc. with the words, “”4Ever in Our ♥” in tribute to the Old Gunslinger, Brett Favre. After Favre joined the Minnesota Vikings, barn owner Patti Schroeder “broke” the heart on her barn to properly illustrate Packers fans’ sense of betrayal:

Last February, as the Green Bay Packers prepared for the Super Bowl, Schroeder, along with some help from her neighbor, modified the message on her big red barn so it paid homage to the new quarterback in Packers fans’ hearts, Aaron Rodgers…

…which, while incorporating an appropriate tribute to Rodgers (she even began to refer to it as “Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood” instead of “Favre Barn”), still contained a reference to Favre, albeit one rife with bitterness.

But that is no more. Schroeder and her neighbors climbed 40-foot ladders and once again modified the the Green Bay Packers-centric message on her big red barn, removing any reference to Old #4 and permanently banishing the memories underneath coats of red and white paint. As you can see up above, the new message, “#12 is #1” along with the Green Bay “G” beneath it.

I suppose it was time to move on. When asked why she elected to finally banish any memory of Favre from her barn-side and instead go with one solely dedicated to Rodgers, Schroeder replied, “It’s his time.” Yep, I would say so. Well done, Patti Schroeder. Through your actions, you have undoubtedly helped a lot of Packers fans exorcise some demons as they drove by your barn.

And in closing, all I’d like to add is, man, Wisconsinites sure do put a lot of thought into painting their barns. Or is this story simply an anomaly? I’d like to think that the Wisconsin countryside is sprinkled with barns featuring odes to Packers lore. But I doubt it. Even folks from Wisconsin aren’t that kooky.

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