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(Photo) Daily News’ Photoshop Has Sabathia Wearing A Red Sox Jersey

Oh, New York Daily News, why must you torment New York Yankees fans in such a way?

See, it’s funny because, given the economics of it all and despite a lengthy story pondering the possibility, there is likely no chance the Boston Red Sox would ever sign CC Sabathia should the ace ever opt out of his deal with the Yankees. Just a little something to cause Yankees fans’ hearts to skip a beat and send them into a Boston-hating tizzy as they make their way to work or on their way to see the Statue of Liberty or hopping in a cab to take in a Broadway show or some other kind of New York City-esque thing to do. Go to deli, maybe? I don’t know.

But what really matters is that the Daily News apparently enjoys torturing its readers. Although it should be pointed out that this isn’t the first time a New York rag has had a little photoshoppery fun by depicting a beloved Yankee as a Red Sox player, so there is a precedent regarding such hijinks.

Could Yankees’ CC Sabathia be lured to Red Sox? John Lackey injury creates a need for Boston [New York Daily News (via Hardball Talk)]