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(Video) Theo Epstein Makes ‘Office Space’ Reference During Press Conference

In a move that will surely delight Cubs fans who also happen to be Mike Judge fans, Theo Epstein, new president of baseball operations for the North Siders, busted out a well-crafted Office Space reference during his introductory news conference, comparing his final days with the Red Sox organization with the humiliating experiences of Milton, the befuddled, bespectacled boob (and red Swingline stapler lover) who continued to show up — and receive paychecks — at Initech despite the fact he was laid off years earlier.

The Theo-as-Milton is An apt comparison, I’m sure, given the awkwardness I am sure which characterized Epstein’s last few weeks, although it’s a good thing that Epstein didn’t act upon any Milton-esque impulse by burning Fenway Park to the ground. Yeah.

In any event, well played, Theo Epstein. His next Mike Judge-based reference, in light of the fact that he is now in charge of the Cubs, should probably come from one of his other films, Idiocracy.

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