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(Photo) Jaguars Fan’s Crudely-Executed Anti-Ravens Sign Is Stupid

Darren Rovell's photo Is this the worst sign a fan has ever made? (via @_JamieHowlett_)
Darren Rovell on WhoSay

Wait. What? Sorry, but the sign that was displayed by an unidentified zinger-challenged Jacksonville Jaguars fan during Monday Night Football is pretty dumb. And believe me, I know dumb.

I suppose a sign like this making an appearance during last night’s broadcast makes perfect sense considering the terrible football exhibited by both teams, but still. I guess the statement could be true, but is it really that much of a zinger? Or even a burn, for that matter? Yes, a bird — although I’m not sure Ravens do and I’m not going to waste my time to confirm it one way or the other — might in fact eat worms, but what does that even mean? If a Baltimore Ravens fan held up a sign that said “Jaguars clean themselves with their tongues” would that be as witty, less witty or just as stupid?

Maybe if the sign read “Ravens fans eat worms” that might be something that rises to the level of cheap shot, but as with the original sign above, it wouldn’t have made any sense, either.


[via Darren Rovell]