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Ouch: Not One NFL Team Showed Up For Terrell Owens’ Workout

Haha! Perhaps it will be said one day that Terrell Owens’ impressive NFL career ended not with a bang, but a whimper after it has been reported that no NFL teams were on hand when the enigmatic wide receiver showed up for his workout which was aired by NFL Network.

From a report by’s Steve Wyche:

As of 20 minutes before the start of his 11 a.m. PT workout, no teams were present. Owens’ training staff and representation are aware that teams might not attend, so they have a film crew taping the workout and will send it to all 32 teams, Rosenhaus said.

One general manager I spoke to said his team has no interest in Owens and doesn’t believe many teams would, but he added that he has felt this way about Owens before and the receiver keeps finding work.

Owens’ workout includes a scripted agility session and pass-catching drills, led by noted Bay Area trainer Raymond Farris. Farris told me that there are no plans for Owens to run a 40-yard dash or other timed drills. If a team shows and requests that he runs them, however, “Owens is ready,” Farris said.

I’m sure he is ready, so we should all get our popcorn ready or something, right?

But before we dance on Owens’ NFL career grave, it should be highlighted, as alluded to above, that the NFL Network crew also has stated that the non-appearance by scouts could be simply an example of gamesmanship by teams as they would prefer not to tip their hands regarding their possible interest in the wide receiver, who is attempting to come back after offseason surgery.

No matter which way you cut it, though, there is a bit of schadenfreude to the entire scene, isn’t there? I’d love to see someone ask Rosenhaus about the absence of teams at his client’s workout, although he’d like only respond with a series of terse restorts of “Next question”.

[H/T Game On!]