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(Video) Not-So Pee Wee Football Player Plows Over Very Pee Wee Football Player

As the folks at Sports Grid mention, this video has been around a few years and since it’s new to me, it might very well be new to you. In the video of a game between the Shamokin Indians and Pottsville’s A-Team — wherever those locales may be, but given the city’s names, perhaps Pennsylvania? — a gargantuan running back takes a hand-off and proceeds to rumble his way around the right side on a sweep. Unfortunately for some poor kid on defense who looks like he gives up about 100 pounds on his opponent, the huge back’s momentum and running path are bearing down directly at him. The next thing you know — BLAM-O! — pee wee player is absolutely obliterated while trying to make the play.

Now, I’ll give him credit for the effort, but even so, I haven’t seen a rundown that brutally lopsided since the closing scene of the original version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Ha. Caught you off-guard with that old school reference, eh? Sure, I could have instead went with when Gage was run down by that semi in Pet Sematary, but I couldn’t find as compelling of footage of that scene on YouTube.