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Taiwanese Animation Tackles Notre Dame-Kansas High School Logo Story

Earlier this week, I highlighted the story regarding the kerfuffle that arose between Notre Dame and Chapman (Kas.) High School which involved the university demanding that the school stop using the Fighting Irish’s trademarked leprechaun logo.

Making the story even juicier and more newsworthy was that fact that a few years ago, the high school and surrounding community were ravaged by tornadoes and that Chapman just recently reopened earlier this year, making Notre Dame’s heavy-handed demands appear even more absurd and silly, although it has to be pointed out that the university was acting well within their rights to protect their intellectual property. Nevertheless, Notre Dame probably could have handled the entire situation a bit more delicately, thereby avoiding the bad press the school is now receiving.

Thankfully, the folks at NMA World Edition elected to take on the multifaceted, complex story and report on it in a manner only they are capable of doing. The highlight of this particular installment of Taiwanese Animation Treatment most certainly is the sinister-looking leprechaun who terrorizes a memorabilia-maker with a whip. That little bugger is downright frightening. I know I wouldn’t even dream of messing with that demonic, yet diminutive creature, that’s for sure.