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It’s A Periodical Miracle! Tim Tebow’s Image Appears On ESPN The Mag Cover

Well would you look at that? Like the Shroud of Turin or Jesus’ image appearing in a tortilla in Guatemala, Tim Tebow’s revered image has made its appearance on the cover of the upcoming issue of ESPN the Magazine. I’m not certain whether or not the Vatican will investigate this holy phenomena to determine if it is in fact a miracle, but I think we can all agree the sight of it is pretty awe-inspiring.

Think about it: fresh off of pulling off the miraculous feat of contributing to the Dolphins reaching a sellout for its upcoming game against the Broncos solely due to his enigmatic presence, Tebow lands the cover of the issue which was originally intended to be the NBA Preview issue of ESPN the Mag. Officially, ESPN is referring to the change in issue content as “Plan B” but I think we all know what is going on here: the stars have aligned, the prophecy has been fulfilled and even if there was not an NBA lockout, ESPN would have had no choice to push back the NBA Preview due to the Good News of Tebow’s Ascension. Wondrous.

And if you think I’m going overboard with overt, semi-sarcastic religiosity regarding how Tebow has risen and made the ascension to magazine coverboy, check out how ESPN is pimping a Tebow article contained therein, where Tebow is referred to — perhaps in a joking manner, I hope — as “the perfect vessel” and opens with the following introduction, “WHAT SHALL WE say about the kingdom of Timothy Richard Tebow?”:

The latest issue of ESPN The Magazine on newsstands Friday, October 21 features a sermon on back-up-turned-savior Tim Tebow in “Tebow 10:23,”

Tebow 10:23, as in Oct. 23, the day when Tebow takes his rightful place on the throne, where he will at long last be able to survey his Holy NFL kingdom. Presumably. In fact, I’m pretty sure “Tebow 10:23” will replace “John 3:16” as the go-to sign which will be waved proudly at Denver Broncos games for all eternity. Or at least until Tebow is benched in Week 10.