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Here’s Video Of Canadians Digging Through Buffalo Dung For Bills Tickets

Yep. There you go. Apparently, desperately trying to procure tickets for Buffalo’s lone game in Toronto, the Oct. 30 matchup against the Washington Redskins, is a dirty business.

From Canadian Yahoo! Sports blog, Eh Game (via Shutdown Corner):

Sometimes it takes quite a bit of preamble to set up a clip. This is not one of those times. Kingston, Ont., radio station K-Rock 105.7 held a contest on Friday where listeners, wearing goggles and surgical masks, dug through buffalo feces dumped into a kiddie pool — yeah, that’s right, buffalo feces — to win Buffalo Bills tickets. Faster than you could say, “S—, there has not been this much demand for tickets to the Bills in Toronto games!” contestants dug through the dung for ducats.

Ha. Gross.

Ontario football fans dig through buffalo dung for Bills tickets [Eh Game (via Shutdown Corner]