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(Video) Unhinged German Dude’s Spoken Word Ode To Rory McIlroy Is Disturbing

Wow. Just wow. Consider my mind blowed.

This is Flula Borg and he will assimilate you with his frenetic rants regarding his favorite golfer, Rory McIlroy.

Flula’s Facebook page indicates he is currently residing in Los Angeles but his hometown is Erlangen, Germany. With that in mind, you might remember him from the unhinged brilliance that was his homage to fellow countryman, Dirk Nowitzki, where he refers to the NBA star as “German Moses.” If you haven’t seen it, I’d advise you to spend the few minutes it takes to view it in order to have your brain adequately warped by it. It’s well worth it.

But I have to admit, Flula’s ode to Rory, aptly titled “Why Rory McIlroy Is Great,” in its own twisted way, kicks the craziness up a notch. Some samplings of Flula’s lyrical prowess:

  • Rory McIlroy: you are young and you are very good, like a prodigy, prodigy, like Doogie Howser
  • Rory McIlroy is like the baby in Look Who’s Talking — yahJohn Travolta is like Phil Mickelson, old, “I don’t want to take care of babies. I want to do more Saturday Night Fever,” yah?
  • You’re like the Buddha — you don’t have the belly — you’re Slim Buddha. You’re Northern Irish Buddha. You are Shamrock Buddha. Buddha Roy!

(musical interlude “dee-dee-dee-doo-bah-dee-doo–RORY!–boo-dah-dah-deeMcIlroy)

  • Rory, if I was running away and I was like, “Someone quick: hit someone in the head with a golf ball in 200 meters away!” I call you, Rory. You are very accurate right now.


[H/T Wei Under Par]