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(Video) Rafael Nadal Appears In Golf Pro-Am, Takes Forever To Tee Off

Here’s video of the world’s No. 2 tennis player in the world, Rafael Nadal, making an appearance during a Pro-Am event at the Castello Masters, a European Tour event held at the Club de Campo del Mediterráneo in Castellón, Spain. As you can see, he takes an eternity to finally tee off: first setting his ball on the tee, resetting it, lining up his club, taking a step back, addressing the ball and about after a minute, ultimately taking his shot.

Jeez, what’s the deal with Spanish athletes and slow, methodical golf play? Nadal’s snail-pace tee box appearance reminds me of fellow Spaniard, Sergio Garcia. Gee whiz.

Wait, the above statement wasn’t bigoted, was it? Oh dear. Me and my big mouth. Or keyboard, I guess, in this instance.

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