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Pabst Blue Ribbon Snowboard Bindings: You Know, For The Hipster Set

Gnarly, brah. At long last, Pabst Blue Ribbon has made the transition from crappy beer that makes connoisseurs turn up their nose to the favored brew of choice of hipster doofuses across the country to now having their timeless logo emblazoned on snowboard bindings. Who woulda thunk it, right?

Apparently, the folks who run the Union Binding Company. Based in Seattle, Wash., Union Binding Company has teamed up with Pabst Blue Ribbon to create a set of snowboard bindings sure to appeal to the cross section of people who are snowboarders and who also try and act like drinking a certain seemingly substandard beer makes them appear ironically cooler (and just so you know, craft beer snobs are just as bad as hipsters in this regard, just in a different way).

And don’t think that just because the PBR logo is prominently featured on the bindings means that they are somehow an inferior product. Check out the description from Union Binding Company’s website:

Union Binding Company teams up with iconic American beer label Pabst Blue Ribbon, for a super limited run of co-branded bindings that will quench your thirst for ripping up the slopes this winter. Based on the Contact chassis, the PBR binding features the all-new Team highback, 3D Multi-Layer Tapered straps, and a Lifetime Baseplate warranty. When you’re this good, quality always comes through – PBR ME ASAP!

Sound pretty nice, right? Sadly for all you hipsters out there, the Pabst Blue Ribbon snowboard bindings had only a limited production run of 200, which promptly sold out in 2 minutes. Sucks to be you guys. Now in more ways than one.

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