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Notre Dame Demands That Kansas High School Destroyed By Tornado Change Logo

You stay classy, Notre Dame.

Chapman High School, whose athletics teams have been known as the Fighting Irish since 1967, has been formally asked by the University of Notre Dame to change its leprechaun logo due to the college’s trademark on the image.

Notre Dame saw the leprechaun logo on the school’s website and promptly fired off a letter to the high school last summer demanding that the high school change its logo, although in their infinite charity, Notre Dame said it would allow Chapman to continue using the Fighting Irish moniker. Oh, and lest I forget to mention it, in 2008, the schools in Chapman were destroyed by a tornado, and through sheer will and determination by the town’s residents, that Chapman High School only reopened last January?

Said Chapman High School principal Kevin Suther, from a KWCH-TV report (via USA Today):

“Well when you get a letter from Notre Dame it gets your attention.

“For anything like stationary and school uniforms as long as its Chapman Fighting Irish, we are still the Fighting Irish”, says Suther.

Added superintendent Lacee Sell:

“They are no longer allowing us to use the fighting leprechaun mascot.”

Video report follows.


Of course, Notre Dame is well within their legal rights to impose its considerable institutional power upon the high school and demand that Chapman High School cease using its trademarked logo, but one would think that the university might be a lot more sympathetic, especially when it relates to a school whose student body has been devastated by the tremendous damage strong winds and storms can inflict upon a school’s collective psyche. Just saying.

But in the end, the students will soldier on and come up with a new logo. They have made it through a tornado, for crying out loud, they can most surely get past the overreaching and pompous actions of an arrogant university in Indiana.

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