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MLB Will Not Allow Dirk Nowitzki To Throw Out First Pitch During World Series

According to a report from Marc Stein on ESPN Dallas, Major League Baseball has declined the suggestion by the Rangers of having Dirk Nowitzki, member of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks and MVP of the NBA Finals, throw out the first pitch prior to any of the games held at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington during the World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Many suspect this is the MLB’s way of showing solidarity with their counterparts in NBA upper management during the basketball league’s labor impasse, which, if remotely true, is pretty sad. Pretty sad, indeed.

Of course, Major League Baseball categorically denies any part in such a ridiculous scheme:

“MLB absolutely denies that any part in selecting the first ball pitcher had anything to do with the current labor situation in the NBA,” MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said. “You want the club’s input in what makes sense for them and then we talk about what makes sense for the team and a good broad-base national appeal.

“It’s a nice problem to have that you get a list of 10 or 15 names and you work your way through them. We know Nowitzki’s been at the games, and that’s wonderful. We’re glad he’s there.”

While it will likely never be truly known the exact reason behind Nowitzki getting nixed, the possibility that it is for the aforementioned solidarity cannot be discounted. But still, how ridiculous.

You know, the NFL, when criticized for their humorless stance on certain issues, is commonly referred to as the “No Fun League.” I guess we should go ahead and refer to the MLB as, uh, um, “Magnificently Lame Buttheads”? C’mon, it was off the cuff, people. Give me a break.

UPDATE: It turns out Nowitzki will throw out a ceremonial first pitch after all. Good call, MLB.

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