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Guy Who Smacked Devin Hester Is Champion Of The Elderly, Defender Of Line Etiquette

Daniel Rago, the 52-year-old Mount Prospect, Ill. resident who slapped Chicago Bears wide receiver/special teams ace Devin Hester upside the head at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Ill. last Friday, has come forward to not only apologize for his irresponsible actions which left him arrested on a misdemeanor battery charage but also to provide his side of the story why he would walk up to a grown man while waiting in a line and slap him. Rago claims that Hester cut in line in front of two elderly customers when a second teller window opened up and that his “parental instincts” — which apparently involves corporal punishment — took over.

Rago, who insists he was stone cold sober during the incident, made the following statements during an exclusive interview with FOX Chicago:

“I went over to the left of him and as a father would reprimand a kid — not saying he’s a kid, but a young man — and I just gave him a biff on the back of the head,” Rago said.

“I was wrong for doing that. Nothing justifies a person hitting or touching another person,” he said. “I was trying to defend the defenseless because they were elderly and they’re not going to speak up to a young man. I’m just a fairness kind of guy — I was taking that into my thought process. But I was totally wrong.”

It does appear that Rago feels genuine remorse for his knee-jerk, slappy reaction, not to mention he now says Hester did nothing wrong and was simply following the teller’s instructions to proceed up to the window. He has offered to donate $500 to Hester’s favorite charity as an act of penance for his behavior as well as perform community service so long as Hester forgives him.

Rago is actually a huge Bears fan and was even at Soldier Field Sunday evening in his end zone seat to cheer on Hester and his teammates as they whipped the Minnesota Vikings. As we haven’t heard anything about Rago’s behavior at the game, it’s safe to say there likely were no long lines in the bathroom or at concessions that night. Or defenseless old people.

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