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Dwight Gooden Missed Mets’ 1986 World Series Parade Due To Drug-Induced Stupor


The 1986 World Series between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox has gone down in history as one of the most memorable of all-time. The error by Bill Buckner in Game 6 which paved the way to New York’s thrilling 8-5 Game 7 victory, capping an improbable and unlikely comeback. And while Dwight Gooden was something of a disappointment in the series, going 0-2, without his contributions during the regular season when he went 17-6, the Mets likely never would have even seen the postseason.

Sadly, Gooden’s demons were already beginning to creep in and take control of his life in 1986, as drugs quickly developed into a crippling cross for the young pitching phenom to bear. And this sad reality is no better illustrated than by Gooden’s recent admission to ESPN that he missed the Mets’ 1986 World Series victory parade because he was all drugged out at a party in the projects of Long Island.

After attending a team celebration following the Game 7 win, Gooden made the trip to a different kind of party. Via Sporting News:

“When the party started winding down, for myself, a lot of times I get to a certain point of using drugs, the paranoia sticks in,” Gooden told ESPN. “So I end up leaving the party with the team, going to these projects, of all places, in Long Island. Hang out there.

“Then you know what time you have to be at the ballpark to go into the city for the parade, but I’m thinking ‘OK, I’ve got time.’ And the clocks, I mean the rooms are spinning. I said, ‘OK, I’ll leave in another hour. OK, maybe in 30 minutes I’ll leave. Well, maybe 15 more minutes I’ll leave. Then the next thing you know, the parade’s on and I’m watching the parade on TV. … Horrible, horrible feeling.”

Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

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