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Some Rick’s Cabaret Strippers Made World Series Predictions, So Here They Are

I just received an email – the same one I assume many other editors of sports blogs received as well – from Rick’s Cabaret New York detailing the World Series predictions of some of their exotic dancers. Usually, I wouldn’t take part in such a shameless plug, but the text of the email was far too amusing not to pass along:


A non-scientific survey of some Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls reveals that the sexy showgirls can’t come to a conclusion on who will win the World Series, but they do have interesting opinions.

“It’s a virtual tie between those of us who predict the Cardinals will win and those of us who support the Rangers,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Sky.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alicia predicts the Cardinals will win for an unusual reason. “They have better looking uniforms. I like the red,” she cooed.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica predicts that the Rangers will win it all. “Endy Chavez is a Ranger. Right? I’ve never met him, but I know he’s from my home town–Valencia, Venezuela–so I root for him.”

“Some of the Yankees and some Mets are regulars here at Rick’s,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alison. “I know about them, but not much about the Rangers and the Cards.”

“I thought the Rangers were a hockey team,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Misty. “So I voted for the Cardinals,” she explained.

“Most of us agree on one thing. The Series will go seven games,” said twenty-two year old Rick’s Cabaret Girl Gianna. “You can bank on that.”

Bank on it we will, Gianna. But I would have been even more convinced of her prediction had she “cooed” it, like her coworker, Alicia. But then again, maybe I’m just a sucker for cooing, which might explain why I almost considered going to see The Good Year. Hey, I said almost.

But in the end, it’s hard to argue with Misty’s logic: the Rangers are a hockey team, too, so what’s the deal with that?

Note: above and below are two photos provided courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret that were included with the email. I cannot tell you which gal is which, but I’m pretty sure you don’t really care anyway.