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(Photos) Some Guy Created A Bunch Of NHL Logos Out Of Food

WARNING: may cause hunger.

Wow. Quite impressive. A bit bizarre perhaps, but you cannot argue with the creativity and ingenuity that went into making what the man behind these food-based re-creations refers to as Foogos, as in logos created out of food. Jeez, even the name of this artistic endeavor is creative. His bio is equally impressive.

He doesn’t stop at NHL logos, either. If you check out his Photostream account, you will also gaze upon assorted MLB logos like the Toronto Blue Jays (made out of red onions — raw and sauteed — ketchup and kraut), NFL logos such as the Green Bay Packers (created out of yellow and white American cheeses — of course — and sauteed spinach, on a whole wheat wrap). He even ventures outside of the world of professional sports and tackles the Ghostbusters logo and my personal favorite, Skeletor.

Of course, above is the Philadelphia Flyers logo made out of roast beef and cheddar cheese — yum, right? Some of the NHL Foogos he has created and uploaded follow, although I should point out he has done a few Foogos for former NHL franchises like the Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques and Hartford Whalers as well, so be sure to click on over and have a look at those too.

Far out. My only question is how did he manage to complete these stunning Foogos without munching on them during the process. He has far more willpower than I do, that’s for sure.

[H/T Puck Daddy]